Omec: 60+1

Automotive Aftermarket spare parts

Omec: 60+1

Omec's momentous 60-year anniversary went unnoticed in 2020 due to the Covid emergency, but water has passed under these bridges and it has also undergone major transformations.
At the dawn of its 60th +1 year, Omec shows ever more clearly its essence as a versatile animal, changing its skin and evolving from one business to another while maintaining the solid know-how built up through years of experience in the field of precision mechanics.

What started out as the construction of special components for the pharmaceutical and food industries has over the years become research, development and marketing of mechanical components for the Automotive Aftermarket.

What used to be 'construction' has now become 'research and development' aimed at guaranteeing Quality in the service of customers, which does not change as market needs and product demand evolve.
We may not have celebrated our first 60 years, but we can always take care of the next ones to come.

Confucius said that 'there are 2 rules in life: the first is to never give up, the second is to always remember rule No. 1'.


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