Quality can be measured

Quality can be measured

Often you hear about quality, reliable products, warranty. But what is quality really? We try to explain to you what we do to ensure you products with high quality standards and ensure excellent performance.
Omec was founded as a company focused on the production of mechanical components; over the years it changes skin, until the last evolution in order of time: the quality automotive.

But how do you make quality?

It's done in the lab. It is here that the heart of Omec pulsates, in the Quality laboratory where, together with all the equipment and counters used to test every single product, from the research and development phase to the delivery to the customer, that guarantee is built reliability that we talk about so much.

In the Omec Quality laboratory you can do multiple tests, both static and dynamic, on all products: engine shaftpulleys, components of supply chain kits and on EGR valves. Hours of testing, testing, graphs, analysis, approval and finally preparation for sale. 

In 2018 a major certification body confirmed the goodness of the tests performed in our Quality laboratory and this makes us particularly proud because the path taken can only be the right one to guarantee our customers the professionalism and seriousness.