Chain drive kits: an ever-expanding range

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Chain drive kits: an ever-expanding range

chain tensioner kit

That of chain tensioner kits is the widest range in the Omec catalog, which boasts +350 references to which new variants are added periodically.
In Omec's chain tensioner kit catalog you can find kits for light commercial vehicles as well as those for Asian applications.


  • 148 timing chain kit for light commercial vehicles
  • Coverage 5,291 applications
  • 21 automakers from both Europe and Asia
  • 207 light commercial vehicles
  • Applications from 1972 to 2019

ASIAN VEHICLES (Toyota, Nissan, Honda etc.)

  • 123 timing chain kit for Asian vehicles
  • Coverage about 162 applications
  • 10 automakers
  • 222 Asian vehicles
  • Applications from 1985 to 2016

There are different configurations - so-called "variants" - of the same kit ("master") that are the result of the synergy between the Sales Team and the Omec Product Manager.
Check out the full range of chain distribution kits in our online catalog.

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