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Automotive Aftermarket spare parts

How do you sell quality?

Omec is a bit like the ghostwriter of the Automotive Aftermarket: it entrusts a tested and qualified product to Private Label companies. A highly responsible job that requires technical expertise and constant updating of market dynamics. Without a Quality Laboratory always at work with tests and performance analyses, Omec would not exist. Ours is a job...
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Omec: Quality to support the seller

Quality is not just a vocabulary definition. For Omec, Quality is the beacon that guides daily choices and investments. But how does Quality make a difference? With a Laboratory oriented towards the research and development of new products, through a series of machines and tests aimed precisely at...
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Quality can be measured

We often hear about quality, reliable products, guarantees. But what is quality really? We try to explain to you what we do to ensure products with high quality standards and guarantee excellent performance. Omec was founded as a company oriented towards the production of mechanical components; over the years it has changed its skin, until the latest evolution in order of time: quality automotive....
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Web Catalogue

Well begun is half done

2019 has begun and with today, Omec officially enters 'at work' mode. We hope you all had a peaceful festive season, but if the mood strikes you, we'll be there to cheer you up with lots of news that will accompany you throughout this new year. We start by telling you that we are finally active on our social channels: ...
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Omec Christmas

Christmas closure

The Christmas holidays are almost upon us and Omec, as every year, will close its offices for a few days: from 24 December to 1 January. Ready to come back full of energy, the whole team wishes you a happy holiday season with your families.